How Brūtes came about...

Purling and curving along the way the river Miegupite takes us to blossoming meadows and fields where heavy ears of rye ripen. Through the crumbled and long forgotten mill walls, the Miegupite carries tales of many fates from the Murmuiza estate.

The old drier and cart-house on the curve of the Miegupite invites to observe and enjoy the special aura of the granary. Here one can hear the creaky song of the old doors to the drier just as in the olden days of landlord Goģis.

Yes, old Goģis enjoyed looking around from the hilltop, stroll along the dew-filled meadows and then disappear behind the old stone walls with his cap pushed on the back of his head. His heart belonged to the meadows, the sunrises and the sunsets, and the beautiful ladies of the mill which he called “būtes” – stuttering a little in finding the letter “r” . So the stuttering brought about the “Meadow būtes”, but we found the letter “r” in the flowery meadows and today in this spot proudly stands the old drier – Traditions Guesthouse “Brūtes”.


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